How to get started with homeschooling

1. Plan- Know your state's laws for homeschooling and what is required. Decide what is your long term goal? Are you planning to homeschool only for a foundation, through elementary or all the way through high school.

2. Prepare- Choose a philosophy that lines up with your family's beliefs about education. Pick a curriculum. Use the curriculum as a guide. You will enjoy the flexibility of home schooling and the ability to move with your child at their pace if you are able to adapt and modify your plans. Order or gather your supplies and books you will need in time to go become familiar with them before each school year. If your child is old enough, include them in the overview so that they are prepared and excited about the new school year.

The curriculum we will be using is the process that Tricia has used for her own kids and other families. There is lots of room for customization!

Choose extra outside activities wisely. If your child is involved in community sports teams or church activities, you can include these as part of your child's educational enrichment. Too much extra will not only be overwhelming for your child but also draining for you. HOME school is best done at home.

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