The FUN History Class

Students will engage in peer discussions of historical events.

This class is for high school students looking for a fun, interactive way to learn about history. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking by exploring historically based movies, looking at timelines, and comparing/ contrasting current events.

Assessments/ grades for this class are based on class participation, group discussion questions, movie review summaries, and timeline project.

Each month will focus on the following:

Week 1: Current events

Week 2: Movie of the month and discussion questions

Week 3: Peer group discussion: Historical accuracy, timeline, and reflective

Week 4: Movie Review/ summary in written essay and Verbal discussion on personal application

Your Instructor

Tricia Dunn
Tricia Dunn

Tricia Dunn is a Certified Parent Coach and Women's Empowerment Coach. She holds a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and in Special Education. She is the creator and co-creator of numerous life-changing programs for women and parents.

Tricia is the home educator of her 6 children, ages 8- 18.

Tricia's passion is empowering parents and women and facilitates conferences and courses in Illinois as well as online.

Course Curriculum

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