Entrepreneurship Skills for Young Entrepreneurs

Step by step course to start your entrepreneurial journey

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Do you know a young person with great ideas?

Is your child creative and looking for ways to make money?

Do you want to provide practical ways for your child to turn their passion into profits?


Entrepreneurship Skills For

Young Entrepreneurs

- A step by step course to start your entrepreneurial journey -

Did you know that you do not have to be a certain age to be an entrepreneur???

Some young entrepreneurs are as young as 3 or 4, 10 years old, 17 years old

(and every age in between)!

All you need to have is an idea that your customers will love and a way to get it to them.

Entrepreneurship skills are something every young person can benefit from!

Encourage and provide your young entrepreneur with a productive way to:

  • Use their creativity
  • Capitalize on their strengths
  • Focus on their interests

This is an introductory course for entrepreneurs starting off.

Course at a glance:

Module 1: What is an Entrepreneur? Discover the benefits to being an entrepreneur.

Module 2: Business Mindset: Discover the qualities you need to have to be successful.

Module 3: Creative Mindset: Discover the steps to start your business from scratch. Idea to networking.

Module 4: Financial Mindset: Discover the ways to set up a Spending Plan.

Module 5: Create a Business Plan

Bonus: Time Management Program

Bonus: Goal Setting 101

Module 6: Where to go from here & Certificate of Completion

All modules include interactice process to create your business as you take this course.

You will be able to go at your own pace...

  • Perfect for a parent to guide their young entrepreneur through the process for ages 3-7.
  • Great for supervision with a parent for ages 8-11.
  • Ideal for independent young entrepreneurs ages 12+!

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Your Instructor

Tricia Dunn
Tricia Dunn

Tricia Dunn holds a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. She has over 20 years of educational experience as a classroom teacher, remedial teacher, tutor, and home educator. She has the honor of being mom and teacher to her own 6 amazing children ages 11-21, as well as home school support educator to other students. Tricia is passionate about helping parents discover the best schooling option that meets the needs of their individual child. She offers support and guidance in a variety of ways.

Tricia is also Certified Parent Coach, Divorce Support Coach and Life Empowerment Coach.

Tricia Dunn was one of the first few tutors in the United States to be officially certified through ACT as a ACT Certified Educator (ACT Basics).

Tricia is trained and certified by My2tor, Tina Wiles, test expert for both ACT and SAT test prep.

Tricia uses the Official Prep guides for both ACT and SAT along with the proven strategies to see positive results!

Private lessons are available in home, at a local library, or virtually.

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